Friday, 29 August 2008

The GT approaches...

Hi All,

Long time for an update! Been massively busy with play testing different armies and generally working out which will be the most practical to take to this years GT. After much deliberation I have gone with Eldar! The gorgeous models allows for some truly brilliant freehand to be done, and as well know, mech eldar is one of the hardest lists to beat, even since the 5th Edition skimmer nerf.

I've been asked how I normally go about making my tournament lists, well i'm going to try and bullet some of the key points I go over each time, with the hope that it will help people in future!

  • Opponents armies. What do you expect to see? Your list must stand a good chance at dealing with Nidzilla, Horde MEqs, Green Tide and Tau Fish of Fury. A lot of the lists at GT's often revolve around these "Internet lists", with small modifications so that players can call it their own!
  • Playing Speed. How quick can you cover 18" with 2 units? 40k has always revolved around 18 inch "circles of influence", as it means most units cannot charge you in their following turn, and will only jsut be in rapid fire range.
  • Model Count. Like it or not, this DOES make a difference. If you come across any army aimed at producing a high volume of shots, and you are using a low model count army, you WILL die.
  • Psycological Influences. No-one at a GT will look at a Nidzilla army and go "aww, cute carnifex", everyone is intimidated by what they can do, same goes for Wraithlords. Sometimes it is worth putting large targets in your army, purely for the psycological aspect to aid in altering your opponents battle plan.

Taking the above into account, they form a good thought process when building any Warhammer 40000 army list, or at least, they haven't failed me yet!

In my next post, I will be posting the Eldar list I am aiming to take to GT Heat 2 this year, feel free to post any comments, or ask questions!