Saturday, 3 May 2008

Commission Work

Its a fact of life, some of us simply do not enjoy the painting aspect of this hobby, whilst others find it enjoyable, but instead of ending up with a wonderfully painted space marine, find themselves staring at a model which resembles a two year olds vomit. We have all been there!

My name is John Levett. I have been painting games workshop miniatures for other people on a commission basis for approximately two years, and have enjoyed every second of it. I enjoy working with my clients to help them achieve the result they are after, whether it be for an individual model, an entire unit or even a full scale army. Over time, I have come to realize that if I am able to form a rapport with my clients, I end up getting just as involved in the project as them, which I like to think contributes towards the overall experience, from both the client and painters perspective.

The most common question asked, is what rates do I charge. Honestly, I cannot give any fixed examples of a pricing structure, as it entirely depends upon what the complexity of the task at hand. However, below you will find a rough guide to the various "levels of detail" I offer and what techniques will be used / available at each given level.

Level 1 (Gaming Standard):
  • Models will be fully based using any combination of modeling sand / flock. Clients choice!
  • Each model will be fully painted using minimum of 2 layers per colour.
  • Between 2-4 highlights will be used.
  • 1 shading wash.
Level 2 (Display Standard):
  • Models will be fully based using any combination of modeling sand / flock. Client also has the option of discussing more "advanced" scenic bases.
  • Model conversion options available.
  • Each model will be fully painted using a minimum of 4 layers per colour (where applicable)
  • Between 4-8 highlights will be used.
  • 3 shading washes.
  • Battle Damage / weathering effects available upon request.
  • NMM available upon request, else advanced true metallics will be used.
Level 3 (Competition Standard):
  • Each model is assessed on a case by case basis and will involve the full array of techniques I can capable of, along with extensive conversion & sculpting work where appropriate.

If any of the above seem appealing, or you would simply like to ask a question, please feel free to contact me. You will find my contact details below.


Primary Email:

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
John Levett

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