Monday, 19 January 2009

Changes ahead?

Since 5th Edition we have seen a number of changes to the game we all love, Warhammer 40000.

5th Edition has taken aspects back from 2nd Edition, and merged them into the more developed 4th Edition, creating a rather balanced system. However, for a long time the standard tournament limit has been 1500pts in the European scene, and 1850pts across the pond in America. It now seems a change is coming, in that some tournaments such as "The Great Devourer" have adopted 1750pts, and due to this there has been a significant rise in games being played this points level.

The question I put forward here, is does 1750 offer a better gaming experience, with a more balanced outcome than 1500 or 1850? I can see the potential for longer, more tactical games at 1750, however I can also see this opening a window to creating more unbalanced army lists in the tournament scene.

Lets take a look at how one of the top tier army lists that may be affected.

Example: "Lash Spam"


Daemon Prince w/ MoS, Wings, Lash of Submission

Daemon Prince w/ MoS, Wings, Lash of Submission


10x Plague Marines, 2x Plasma Gun

10x Plague Marines, 2x Plasma Gun

2x Rhino w/ Combi Melta.

Heavy Support:

3x Obliterators

3x Obliterators

1x Vindicator

Total: 1495

Currently this list is solid. You have enough Anti-Tank to take care of any serious armoured threats, whilst also having plenty of anti-infantry power. Now, add in an extra 250 pts and you could potentially be looking at a further 10 plague marines with 2 melta guns, meaning you are now facing 30! The possibilities are endless...

So, what do we think? is 1750pts the saviour of tournament play in 5th Edition, or does 1500pts still 'float the boat'?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Rebirth of the D6 Curse.

Its been a long time since I've posted here, however I feel its time to revive the only beauty and spread my thoughts across the abyss of the Internet.

Recently I have become heavily involved in increasing my painting ability and so far i'm happy with the results. I'm now able confidently say I am able to pull off the following techniques to a level I am happy with;

  • NMM
  • Oxidised Metals
  • Rust
  • Wet Blending
  • Chipped Armour
  • Progressive Glazing
  • OSL (Only on small sources, I've not tried a whole model yet

Since my last post I was due to go to the GT, unfortunately however I was being tested for cancer at the time so had to cancel! I have also now abandoned the Eldar project as it was simply not enthralling on any level what so ever.

In light of this I have now moved onto doing a World Eaters / Khorne army, which I am enjoying the most since I first started the WH40K hobby over 17 years ago. I'll be posting an update soon with an army list, and hopefully  some pictures of the models!